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    Quanzhou Tengsheng Machinery Parts CO.,LTD is professional undercarriage parts manufacturer in China,Our products for earthmoving heavy machinery are at good price with high quality!Our product line including track roller/bottom roller,carrier roller/top roller,front idler group,sprocket/segment group,track link assembly/track chain.

    Our sprockets and segment groups feature a hardness of up to 13mm in depth,thanks to the excellence of heat treatment process.They are manufactured under consistent quality control during production,made by good materials and precision machining.

    We can design and manufacture any sprockets not common seen in replacement markets,such as sprockets for construction equipments used in Europe.Send us the drawing when you can't find your sprockets,and we can make for you,our products have exported to worldwide.

    PC50 PC60-3/5/6/7 PC65-5 PC100-3/5/6 PC120-3/5/6 PC180
    PC180LC-3/5 PC200-1/2/3/5/6/7 PC210-6 PC220-3/5/7 PC240-3/5
    PC300-3/5/6 PC350/360 PC400-3/5 PC400-6 PC450
    CAT311/330 E120/180/320/322 E200B/318B EC210/290 EX60-2/3
    EX90/100/120 EX100-3/120-3 EX100M/100M-5 EX130H-5 EX200-1/2/3/5
    EX270 EX300-1/2/3/5 EX300LC-3/5 EX330 EX400-1/2/3/5
    EX450 UH04 UH063/081/083 UH045-7 UH07-5 DH180
    DH200LC DH220-3/5 DH280-3 DH302 HD850/1250/1250-7
    HD400/450/500/700/770/820 SK07N2 SK60/200/210 SK200-3/220-3 SK300/320/909
    SH60/65/120/160/200/430 LS2800FJ1/2 SD7 R55/200/220/280/MX292 RH6
    MA110 MS110-5 MS180-3 K907-2 D20/30/31/155
    D5 Segement Group D50/D50A Segement Group*9(3T)
    D50/D50A Segement Group*9(3T) D6C/6D Segement Group*5(5T)
    D6D/D6C Segement Group*5(5T) D60/65 Segement Group*9(3T)
    D7G/7E/7F Segement Group*5(5T) D7G/7E/7F Segement Group*5(5T)
    D85 Segement Group*9(3T*7+2T*2) D85 Segement Group*0(3T*7+2T*2)
    D85ESS-2 Segement Group*9(3T) D85ESS-2 Segement Group*9(3T)
    T120/140 Segement Group
    D60/65 Segement Group*9(3T)

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