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     Quanzhou Tengsheng Machinery Parts CO.,LTD is a leading manufacturer and exporter of aftermarket replacement undercarriage parts for heavy construction machinery,such as excavators and dozers,applicable for caterpillar,komatsu,hitachi,daewoo,kobelco,sumitomo,hyundai,samsung,volvo,mitubishi.

    We can supply both sealed and lubricated (SALT) chains,also unsealed track chains and greased track chains for excavators and bulldozers,track link pitches from 90mm to 228mm.

    Our chain links are specifically designed, engineered and manufactured,use high quality raw material,all made by OEM quality and reliable.It can be customized.

    PC38 PC130 E110B EX60 EX200-1 D20 D4D HD200-1 SH60 SK04 DH028 UH06 MS110
    PC40 PC130-5 E120B EX60-1 EX200-2 D31-11 D4H HD350 SH70 SK07-1 DH50 UH07 MS120-8
    PC60-1 PC130-6 E180 EX60-2 EX200-3 D40 D5B HD450 SH75 SK07-2 DH55 UH041 MS180
    PC60-2 PC150 E200B EX60-5 EX200-5 D50 D6C HD700 SH100 SK07-7 DH110 UH043 MX292
    PC60-3 PC200-1 E240 EX70 EX200LC D50A D6D HD770 SH120  SK60 DH120 UH045-7 T90
    PC60-5 PC200-2 E240B EX75-5 EX220 D60 D6E HD800 SH200 SK60-1 DH200 UH063 K903
    PC60-6 PC200-3 E311 EX90 EX220-1 D65 D6H HD820 SH220 SK60-2 DH220LC-2 UH121 K907A
    PC60-7 PC200-5 E300 EX100 EX220-2 D80 D7H HD1250 SH260 SK60-3 DH220LC-3   K907D
    PC60L-6 PC200-6 E320 EX100-1 EX220-3 D85 D7G HD700 SH280 SK120 DH280 SY120
    PC70-6 PC200-7 CAT215 EX100-2 EX270 D85A-12 D8K   SH300 SK200 DH320 R110 SY150
    PC75 PC220-3 CAT225 EX100M EX300-1 D85A-18 D8H SH340 SK200-3 DH400 R200 S70
    PC100 PC220-6 CAT311 EX100M-2 EX300-2 D150   SE22   SK220   R210-3 S200
    PC100-1 PC220-7 CAT312 EX100M-3 EX300-3 D155 SE130LC-2 SK300 R290 S280
    PC100-2 PC300-1 CAT315 EX100M-5 EX300-5 D155A-1 TY130 SE210 LS280 SK330 SD7 R320  EL200
    PC100-3 PC300-2 CAT320 EX120 EX360 D155A-2 TY160 SE280 LS2800   SD16 R350  
    PC100-5 PC300-3 CAT325 EX120-1 EX400 D355 TY220 SE350 LS2800C   SD32 R360  
    PC100-6 PC300-5 CAT330 EX120-2 FH220 D375 TY330   LS2800J     R450  
    PC120-3 PC300-6   EX120-3     TY320B         R912  
    PC120-5     EX120-5                  
    PC120-6     EX135

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