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    Chinese construction machinery spare parts industry in Changsha will be held in October

    It is understood that our country is currently under construction in various fields of national economy play a role in all kinds of construction machinery holdings have at least 300 million units, which hosts the annual consumption of a large amount of fossil fuel, and combustion emissions of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. In order to save energy and control emissions and protect the global environment for human survival, energy conservation problems have attracted the attention of the international community. Our construction machinery enterprises have carried out studies of various types of energy-efficient hosts, and have achieved some results. Faced with the above situation, the China Construction Machinery Industry Association of Mechanical Engineering Branch fittings will be decided in October 2010 17-20 held a "2010 China Construction Machinery Accessories Industry Annual Conference" in Changsha, Hunan "Mingcheng International Hotel" .
        The meeting of "energy conservation, low carbon and environmental protection" as the theme, designed to guide member supporting all types of industries and enterprises to keep up with a host of energy-saving business development needs of the host, take the road of common development in coordination with the host, to speed up energy-saving fittings product development and production.

        During the meeting will be invited to state ministries and commissions, analysis of engineering machinery industry, "second Five Year Plan" and the interpretation on respectively industry experts, the industry's well-known colleges and universities and scholars, business representatives and a host of leading domestic accessories business representatives, energy saving way of construction machinery opinion, the current progress of the new study and a host of energy-saving accessories energy-saving system solutions business and other topics were discussed research. We will also invite well-known foreign companies to do fittings and technological exchanges. During the meeting will visit Sany, Zoomlion, Sunward and other three host companies and Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone.

        At present, the preparatory work of the Conference is being carried out in. By then, the construction machinery industry enterprises welcome delegates to this event, a total business plan for energy conservation, promote energy-saving machinery and technological progress and industrial development.

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