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    The development of green low-carbon economy construction machinery industry in action

    In recent weeks occurred worldwide series of meteorological disasters, in addition to Russia's fires, including Gansu Zhouqu large debris flow, Greenland glacier cracked and devastating floods in Pakistan. The meteorologists worry in the coming decades, storms, hurricanes, droughts, floods and other extreme weather events will cause more massive destruction. Experts said that in the remainder of this century, the climate disasters events like this will become increasingly severe and frequent, because a lot of greenhouse gas emissions from the sun's heat will be trapped in the lower atmosphere, thereby changing the Earth's climate and weather system, leading to climatic disasters. According to the "Time" magazine recently reported, the study found that in the past 30 years, the number of climate-related natural disasters than before rendering a sharp rise in the number of natural disasters in 2010 was more than double in 1980. More frequent disasters occur, for being "reckless" to "destroy" the environment sounded an alarm, the emergence of these natural disasters, climate change will bring many unpredictable disaster earth and mankind. It is also because of this disaster, it caused people to think of environmental protection, but also encourage people to start thinking about how to change the mode of economic development, to seek efficient use of resources and reduce environmental pollution road development.
        Low-carbon economy emerged

        Low-carbon economy based on low energy consumption, low pollution, low-emission-based economic model, human society after agricultural civilization, industrial civilization is another major step forward. Ideal form "low-carbon economy" is the full development of the "sunshine economy", "economics of wind power", "hydrogen economy", "biomass economy." Its essence is a high energy efficiency and clean energy structure, the problem of pursuit of green GDP, the core energy technology innovation, system innovation and fundamental change in the concept of human development to survive.

        "Low carbon economy" was first found in the government documents in 2003 UK Energy White Paper "Our energy future: Creating a low-carbon economy." As the first industrial revolution pioneer and resources are not rich island nation, the UK is fully aware of the threat to energy security and climate change, it is from the era of self-sufficient energy supply to rely mainly on imports, according to the current consumption patterns are expected 2020 80% of UK energy must be imported. At the same time, climate change is imminent. The transition to a low carbon economy has become the trend of world economic development. In this context, the "carbon footprint", "low carbon economy", "low carbon technology", "low-carbon development", "low-carbon lifestyle", "low carbon society", "low-carbon city", "low-carbon series of new concepts in the world "and so on, the new policy came into being. The energy and the economy and the implementation of large values ​​of the results of change will gradually move towards ecological civilization may embark on a new road that abandon the traditional growth model of the 20th century, the direct application of innovative technologies in the new century, through low-carbon economy and low carbon lifestyle, to achieve sustainable development. Development of low-carbon economy has become a global consensus, governments have attached great importance to the development of low-carbon economy.

        March 12, 2010, 2010 two representatives, members of the "On the low-carbon path" forum held in Beijing, the CPPCC National Committee, Securities and Futures Institute Professor He Qiang Central University of Finance said that the development model of either a large number of low-carbon economy conservation of resources, but also to protect the environment, economic development is a long road to go around the world, but also the Chinese transformation of economic development and the only way to adjust the economic structure. Construction Machinery and national macroeconomic policies as closely related to the industry in the country to vigorously promote energy conservation, low carbon economy of the environment, are also seeking change.

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