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    China''''s excavator industry urgently innovation lead the world

    July 2, 2010, Premier Wen Jiabao watched Sunward remote control excavator, after the unmanned rover skid steer loader demonstration that what is innovation? See you produced products with diligence and wisdom, you can get a satisfactory answer. What is the end? We have that others do not, and some others we are more advanced. China is to "manufacturing power" leap from the "manufacturing" innovation is essential. Do not innovate, or perish. Ford Motor Company founder Henry Ford classic phrase saying enlightening, encouraging people to wake up.
        In 2009 the total value of China's manufacturing industry in the global manufacturing industry has reached the proportion of 15.6%, second only to the United States the world's second largest industrial manufacturer. As we all know, a measure of a country's level of manufacturing, not only look at the number, but also depends on the quality, not only to look at the yield, but also depends on the structure. From the quality point of view, China's manufacturing industry is still at the low end more level, most enterprises still in the bottom of the industrial chain in the low value-added. In other words, China's manufacturing sector more or do the wedding dress for the manufacturing industry in developed countries, China's industrial workers or more in profits for developed countries.

        China excavator industry from the very beginning of the development is open, the main foreign brands have to enter the Chinese market. Due to the long-term foreign brands dominate, so that excavators expensive, higher margin products. First, foreign-funded enterprises enjoy the sweetness of sustained and rapid economic development in China has almost become a necessity. Especially in the field of mining, domestic excavator has long been difficult to seek a breakthrough. Mining industry is a high rate of return for its users, funding the purchase of equipment is not a problem, the standard purchase is limited to the quality and reliability of the machine, some local excavator flagship brand "price" brand effect lost here, even if the relative difficulty of smaller earth peeling work, local brands also rare domestic excavator figure.

        In the face of grim reality, the majority of local brands have started restructuring and upgrading the enterprise, by improving product performance, control costs, optimize the management, etc., to enhance their competitiveness, and strive to Win. Success or failure, do have independent intellectual property rights of technology-leading products will be key. History and reality tell us that as long as the lead technology, will be able to lead the market, led the world.

        Innovation crisis. China's construction machinery industry from the introduction, digestion and absorption evolved, some enterprises in independent innovation capacity-building to achieve a breakthrough has some progress, but the entire industry, the ability of independent innovation still need a substantial increase. Achieve breakthrough innovation, on the one hand to have inner driving force behind the one hand, there must be support policy must both work together, act together.

        The core technology of the crisis. Analysis of current development excavator industry, the market share of domestic excavator Why so low? The main reason is that the stranded core components. Excavator in construction have diesel engines, hydraulic parts and other core components, if the main components are abroad, you can customize what? What kind of research? What development? I can only think of a way from the structure, and these structures are low value-added products, high costs and low profits. If there is no substantial change in the core components of the excavator market share think there is a major breakthrough, it is difficult! Techniques who in the world. The level of product innovation for enterprise development role more and more obvious, and the development of the market for the Chinese excavator market by the industry leading technology products to large-scale transition offers the best chance. Because excessive development of low-end, low value-added manufacturing, not only in the world economy will weaken China's competitiveness, but will face increasing pressure in terms of land resources, environmental capacity, energy use, and even affect sustainable economic development capacity of China.

        Today, China has become the world manufacturing power excavator, China excavator market has become an international market, the world's largest market. Foreign join rapidly promoted the development and growth of China excavator industry, forcing Chinese domestic excavator manufacturer to seriously study and received advanced concepts and methods in excavator manufacturing technology, enterprise management, product sales and services ruthless efforts, will face a huge market pressure, into power catch-up, just less than a decade, there has been like three one Liugong, Yuchai, Sunward, Fukuda Revo try their hand and a number of domestic market directed at the international market leader.

        Innovation is the soul of progress, prosperity is an inexhaustible motive force, but also the source for enlivening. As long as we Bing-zhi innovative ideas, no one I have, I have gifted, China's excavator industry will Swordsman!

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