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    Mechanical press sampling rate for 99.9 per cent

    Aqsiq of mechanical press recently organized the national quality supervision inspection, selectived examination in Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, shandong, guangdong, five provinces, municipalities and enterprises producing products (44), not involving export product sampling percent for product quality.

    In selectiving examination found the main quality problems: individual products according to the standard configuration without emergency brake, causing the machine can't achieve any braking, No individual product configuration, safety protection devices of the hand is in no state of protective measures, Individual product specifications without a single stroke, no standard operation switch selector, without control action link, the operator is prepared under the condition of the continuous punching machine hurt palm, Individual products without stop button or stop button without locking function, can cause problems found when cannot stop, Individual products, foot pedal switch unprotected manual switching without interlocking, foot hurt; operators. Individual products without protective grounding electric system, causes dangerous operator.

    In addition, chencun town, shunde district, foshan city in the country prosperous machinery enterprise selectives examination of its product quality inspection, rejected by unqualified to punish.

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