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    Machinery market enterprises to invest in promising mining machinery

    An expose about the protection of housing starts rate truth Shaanxi news led to a public outcry, mentioned in the article, before the end of November the country started at the target pressure of 10 million units, including Shaanxi since the building has been completed, including the protection of local government Deli gripper housing task.

    Investment Advisor in the machinery industry researcher Duan Jiaxuan pointed out that the second quarter, the construction machinery market boom of the decline, the market hopes to accelerate the protection of housing construction in the second half, from the current market protection of housing construction progress and the status of observation, mixed. Benefit from continued rapid growth of China's real estate and infrastructure investment, concrete machinery growth than expected, which again highlights the country to rely on heavy industry stimulate economic growth inertia persists.

    Concrete as an important sector of construction machinery, a huge market demand for space and the rapid industrial development, encourage enterprises to continue to accelerate investment, with the acceleration of the investment market, competition among enterprises is also growing. At present, the investment market there is a tendency to irrational direction, the market is still strong fears. Investment in infrastructure on the basis of somewhat lower, despite worries about rising, leading enterprises investment growth unabated.

    According to the Investment Advisor "issued 2011--2015 China National Machinery Industry Investment Analysis and Forecast Report" shows that in the fierce market competition, market expansion is undoubtedly competitively enterprises widely used, the market is in an accelerating state, the competitive situation is also accelerating, and there is growing trend. Shantui, Liugong enter, plus the growing XCMG concrete machinery industry will face competition and the "hegemony" of concrete machinery industry for many years of industry Hutch Zoomlion, Sany formed.

    Director of investment consultancy Yan Lin pointed out that Correspondingly, mining machinery is still the industry outlook is more optimistic about the sub-sectors, growth in mining equipment industry rely mainly on stimulating infrastructure investment due to the rapid advance of China's economic construction, including highways , railways, real estate projects, including still more in the next period of time, to maintain a certain level of investment in infrastructure in 2011 will be the main growth engine of the mining equipment industry.

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