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    Machine Components Industry in the first half sales growth decline

    In 2011, China Machine Components Industry sales growth for six consecutive months fell slightly, but still maintain a high growth rate of export delivery value decreased significantly compared with an increase from the previous month.

    1, sales continue to grow, the growth rate continued to decline

    June 2011, the National Machine Components Industry industrial output value of 133.574 billion yuan, up 27.78% 11.25% growth of sales value of 130.686 billion yuan, up 28.44 percent growth of 11.36%. June sales rate was 97.84%, an increase of 0.1 percentage points from the previous month.

    The first six months, the National Machine Components Industry industrial output value of 660.711 billion yuan, an increase of 31.26% sales value of 645.225 billion yuan, an increase of 31.77%. Production and marketing rate of 97.66%. China International Economic Development Research Center of the industry guest researcher Luo Hui said that from the industry analysis, from January to June 9 Machine Components Industry under the sub-sectors of industrial output value, industrial sales output value increased very rapidly, more than 20% increase speed, relatively little difference in the growth rate. Wherein the growth rate and metal processing machinery parts and hydraulic and pneumatic power machinery and components manufacturing seals manufacturing about 40%, the smallest increase in mold manufacturing.

    2, the export delivery value increased significantly dropped

    June 2011, the national machinery basic parts industry export delivery value of 11.576 billion yuan, an increase of 14.52%, growth of 1.74%. Wherein hydraulic and pneumatic power machinery and components manufacturing, metal seal manufacturing, other common parts manufacturing, mold manufacturing grew more obvious reached about 30%.

    2011 January to June, the national machinery basic parts industry completed a total export value of 60.699 billion yuan, an increase of 24.69%. Since the macroeconomic policy measures are effective, structural optimization and upgrading of export products, export diversification and other factors areas, jointly promote Chinese exports rise faster. It can be said that China's exports of basic parts industry has entered the "fast track", but China will continue to face fierce competition in the international market.

    3, the main product output

    June 2011, machine parts industry nine major products have reached double-digit growth year on year, in which the output gear half growth over the previous year, the growth rate of the hydraulic components is reached 78.63% topped the list for each product.

    January to June, machine parts industry total product output of all growth. Among them, the growth rate was significantly higher than other hydraulic components industry nearly twice last year, an increase of gear production reached 45.09 %%. As the market demand is gradually increasing in recent years, development of agriculture, water conservancy, energy, transportation and other industries more quickly, which requires a lot of machinery and equipment to meet their development needs. As industrialization and improve the level of automation, the equipment needs to support a large number of high-performance and high reliability hydraulic and pneumatic sealing elements for construction machinery, maintenance of hydraulic and seals the market will face a new period of great development.

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