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    Construction machinery industry optimistic approach are numerous

    "In the construction machinery industry, we are new entrants, is the 'little brother'. But as national enterprises, local enterprises, we should have a sufficient share of the relevant market, have their own voice. Chinese construction machinery manufacturer revitalization industry, is our duty. "June 23, Rongsheng Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Rongsheng Machinery) chairman Yu Zheng in the" 2011 China construction Machinery industry development strategy Forum "vehemently. And this time his speech was regarded as shipbuilding known Jiangsu Rongsheng Heavy Industries Group Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as RSHI) as a horn sounded to enter the construction machinery industry. At June 28 a few days later, RSHI announced, is located in Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone, new construction machinery factory started production, the first day of excavators also successfully launched.

    In today's construction machinery industry, like Rongsheng "landing" This incident is not the case. Just a few days ago, Fukuda cars in the heavy machinery business is also one of the five key industries as the future development of the company's economic work conference. Prior to the Yutong, Chery entered the construction machinery industry is already widely known, this rumor also auspicious meaning. Even the famous liquor Wuliangye Group, also plans to build a production capacity of 10,000 units of medium and small excavators project.

    Chinese construction machinery market in the end what is attractive, can attract so many funds into it?

    "City" scenery dash?

    Ltd. CEO Liaoning Fuwa Heavy Industry Holdings Di Xiangdong In an interview with this reporter said that these enterprises are keen to get involved the construction machinery industry, because the Chinese construction machinery industry saw high growth of the high return on investment.

    During the "Eleventh Five-Year", China's construction machinery industry surging, some mainstream construction machinery enterprises in these few years have made greater growth from 2005 to 2010, an increase of 34 times the market value of Sany Heavy Industry, the annual compound growth up to 80%.

    "The hands of listed companies have a lot a lot of cash, shareholders must also give an account." Di Xiangdong said, "there must be a public funds are optimistic about the industry to invest, not the same as the SME business casual speculation . "

    It is in this case, the listed companies who have to look aimed at the construction machinery industry, RSHI nothing more than this. However, the construction machinery industry money, is really so pay it?

    Always advisable to wait the amount of

    "Rational return" is a term China Construction Machinery Association, Suzi Meng Secretary-General on the "2011 China Construction Machinery Industry Development Strategy Forum" mentioned. He believes that "second five" China's construction machinery industry average annual growth rate of 17% for this year, China's construction machinery industry growth rate dropped from 38% last year to about 17%.

    One of the reasons, in addition to macroeconomic developments in our country, but also with the structure of the whole construction machinery industry related. While the industry a lot of people think that the Secretary-General Su "2015 China's construction machinery industry revenue reached 900 billion yuan," the forecast somewhat conservative, but in recent months the construction machinery market sales decline to the fact that people have to believe that the construction machinery industry by leaps and bounds the scenery is gone.

    Di Xiangdong told reporters: "These listed companies only see the Chinese construction machinery industry, partial, phased high growth, long-term lack of understanding of the development of construction machinery is a highly cyclical industry, the future will not be like the past five. development so fast. "he said that enterprises want to enter a new field, we must consider a variety of potential risks, and the current Chinese construction machinery industry growth, mainly extensive capacity expansion mode, will inevitably lead to industry profits growing, and do not change the mode of growth is not enough.

    There will be an intake

    Market slowdown, while capacity continues to enlarge, sales will inevitably conflicts gradually revealed. In the case of oversupply, Chinese construction machinery market is like a "iron barracks," construction machinery enterprises is the "flow of soldiers," have "into" naturally there will be "out." In the "Siege" behind the construction machinery industry, it is increasingly aggravated shuffle.

    Suzi Meng said: "In the domestic demand huge excavator industry, for example, from the expansion plans of major companies was, this year's excavator production capacity up to 30 million units, and this year's excavator market demand is about 250,000 about Taiwan, which inevitably will bring the problem of excess production capacity. "

    Henan Construction Machinery Agents Maxima Group chairman Dai Canyong not without concern, said: "excavator to enlarge production capacity, the future market competition will become more intense if the industry growth rate of only 5% or less of the time, everyone will 'bayonet'. foreign brands will be wrapped into one, the situation will be more severe. "

    As Rongsheng machinery leader, Yu Zheng also see these situations. He said that although now entered the construction machinery industry will face overcapacity, excessive competition and the key core technology controlled by others and other business risks, but they are not enough to impress Rongsheng Machinery bigger and stronger national brand of determination. In his words, "not only to the buildup, but also faster and run faster than others." Perhaps Rongsheng machinery have enough strength to play a few tough games, from cooperation with China Everbright Bank and the acquisition of the whole group firewood events such as the number of items can be some clues.

    Market economy, the law of the jungle. It is in the process of "Fortress Besieged", shuffling, China's construction machinery industry continued to draw fresh blood, move forward one step forward.

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